Kyuhyun (Super Junior) – 나의 생각, 너의 기억 (My Thoughts, Your Memories) [Kpop Lyrics]

Lirik Lagu My Thought, Your Memories – Kyuhyun (Super Junior)


eoneusae neoreul tteona bonaego
myeot beonui gyejeori jinagasseo
jugeul geotcheoreom apahaetdeon gaseumdo
jogeumssik mudyeojyeo gwaenchanhajideora

neo anin dareun nugunga nae ane damaboryeo haetjiman
nugul mannado jidokhage saranghadeon
yejeonui nae moseubeun eopdeora

manhi utgo uldeon geu sijeol uri dul,
sul hanjane mudeojuryeoneun chingudeul
meotjjeogeun deut gogae sugyeo utgo maneun
jigeum urineun geuttaereul ijeun geolkka

babo gatdeon naega neomu eoryeotdeon naega
mireonaesseo geuge neol wihan irira saenggakhaesseo
jogeumman, jogeumman deo neol neutge
mannatdeoramyeon eojjeomyeon heeojiji anhasseulkka

yeojeonhi neo hana jiuji motan geol
almyeonseodo butjabeul suga eomneun na
nareul bogo jal garamyeo doraseoneun
neoui dwitmoseube gaseumi sirida

oneuldo baraejin gieoge ulda jichyeoseo jami deulgetji
eolmana deo chagaun manheun bameul
heullyeo bonaeya neol ijeul su isseulkka

babo gatdeon naege neomu eoryeotdeon naege
useojudeon neoneun naegen kkumieotgo jeonbuyeosseo
apado nae gyeoteseoman haengbokhal neol
aratdamyeon eojjeomyeon heeojiji anhasseulkka

ajikdo saranghago isseosseulkka


Several seasons have already passed
since I let you go
My heart that hurt like death is slowly
getting better

I tried placing someone other than you in my heart
But whoever I meet, I couldn’t find the old me,
who was passionate about love

The days we laughed and cried a lot,
my friends try helping me bury it with alcohol
As I uncomfortably smile with my head down,
I wonder if we forgot about those days

I was so foolish, I was too young
I pushed you away, I thought that was best for you
If only I met you a little later,
would we have not broken up?

I know I won’t be able to erase you
but I can’t hold onto you
My heart aches as I see you turning away
after you told me goodbye

I’ll probably fall asleep,
exhausted from crying about the faded memories
How many more cold nights do I have to spend to forget you?

I was so foolish, I was too young
But you smiled for me, you were my dream and my everything
Even if it hurt, if only I knew you would be happy by my side,
would we have not broken up?

Would we still be in love?

Translation : pop!gasa
Romaji : colorcodedheaven


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