S.E.S – Remember (English Ver.) [Kpop Lyrics]

Lirik Lagu Remember – S.E.S (Romaji+Hangul)


I have never felt
like this before
Safe and warm,
I could stay forever
in your arms
And even though,
you’re not here
I still remember your touch
We maybe worlds apart
But we belong together

I still believe
In everything
we said to each other
I still believe in you and I
Baby I know we gotta try

* When the first snow
has fallen to the ground
A really dark night in December
Can you feel me, can you hear me
When I’m calling your name
Baby I know that
it’s been so long
But I hope that you remember
That you always have a place
In my heart
I hope that you remember

They say it can never grow old
‘Cause in our hearts
We still feel like the
first time we met
Another year
Has gone by and I still
miss you the same
But I know that in time
I’ll find the missing pieces

If you believe
That there is a chance,
you gotta show it
If you believe in you and I
Baby you know we gotta try


On our first summer
When you became my baby
All of the colours
You’re shining in the sun

If I can make you stay
At least another day
‘Cause there’s so many things
I wanna say

I just wanna be where you are

Be where you are
‘Cause you’re the one


English: genie


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